About Us

Since opening its doors in 2000, Positive Proof has combined its expertise in school and student safety with feedback from our loyal and safety-conscious customers.  The results?  A state-of-the-art Visitor Management System called Intercept, for schools and businesses, that instantly checks for registered sex offenders in all fifty states.  And that’s only the beginning of Intercept’s broad capabilities.

Since 1991, our founder, Georgeann Berry, has made thousands of visits to schools and has seen first-hand the good things that happen when our Intercept system is implemented:  Sex offenders are identified and controlled, office personnel’s workload is lightened and the school environment is elevated to one of proactive safety and security measures.  That means one thing:  Happier and safer schools and businesses.

Don’t go it alone. Contact Positive Proof—and put a team of safety experts to work for you.