Intercept® Enterprise
Visitor Management System

Positive Proof has raised the bar with the next generation of Visitor Management Software — Intercept® Enterprise.

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Intercept is a web-based, turn-key visitor management system that provides extensive protection with real-time national sex offender database checks. Expansive functionality, ease of use and simplistic administration makes Intercept Enterprise a pertinent choice for institutions that take safety and security seriously.

Features and Benefits:

  • Real-time checking for registered sex offenders with instant text and email alerts that notify you immediately.
  • State-of-the-art ID reader captures visitor information from multiple government-issued IDs for today’s mobile society.
  • Web based application that provides ease of deployment and maintenance.
  • Sign in with attendant or a stand-alone kiosk allows customization by your staff.
  • School-defined watch lists alert you to domestic dispute or restricted persons.
  • Prints photo name badge for visitors, volunteers and district personnel, for easy visual identification.

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  • District management of data such as watchlists and volunteers for easy updating.
  • Unlimited workstation accessibility provided per facility/school with one annual fee.
  • Prints both badges and paper passes simultaneously to save time and money.
  • Records tardies, early dismissals and volunteer hours… no more hand-written passes!
  • Bilingual screens promote self-service.

Positive Proof bundles everything you need for immediate use in a convenient starter package with no hidden costs or expensive add-ons. Call today for a free demo of the Intercept Enterprise Visitor Management System. 817-424-5268 or 888-539-3933

$1599 Starter Package Includes:
1SnapShellSnap Shell ID Reader
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cal_supToll-free phone support
DYMO Twin Turbo Printer_large2DYMO® 450 Twin Turbo Printer
(holds two rolls at a time)
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events-calendar-iconAccess fee for first 12 months
(access fee after first 12 months: $449.00)
product-labels-medLabels for printer
(4 rolls, quantity 1,200)
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Entrance DecalsStatic-cling decals for entrances
(quantity: 5 decals)
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Paper_PacksPaper pack for printer
(4 rolls, quantity 3,300 passes)
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