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Time is of the essence when someone is in danger. Our Anywhere ID leverages technology to quickly assist you, giving authorities what they need most in an emergency.

Simply log on to our highly secure server from any device that has internet connection to access your ID information (in English and Spanish), along with important resources.

Your Anywhere ID Package includes:

  • Two heavy-duty laminated ID cards

  • Access to your online ID that includes: 10 fingerprints electronically captured, all information that's on the laminated ID card, ability to print missing person posters, and more.

"As a parent, I won’t leave home without my kid’s Positive Proof ID. It was instrumental for the police search when our son wandered off at a crowded street carnival. He was found within minutes." 

Tracey Cross, Assistant Principal, Larson Elementary

Anywhere ID

Securely access your child’s information from any Internet connected device.

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