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Carry peace of mind!


We hate to boast, but our child identification cards are simply the best in the industry. Compared to other identification cards Positive Proof’s stand out because they have:

  • Two fingerprints, digitally recorded by our trained ID specialists

  • Authorities consider two fingerprints, rather than one, essential in making positive identification

  • Crystal clear, close-up photo per police specifications

  • Accurate vital statistics

  • Emergency contact information

  • Medical conditions and physical characteristics

  • Action steps for when your child is missing

  • Heat-seal laminated for durability

  • Unlike PVC cards, ours are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, even the washing machine!

Child ID Card - Positive Proof

We recommend that parents, grandparents and guardians carry current child ID cards for every child under their care. We also suggest that children carry an ID card for themselves, particularly when they are not with their parents.

Contact your school directly to see if they offer Positive Proof Child ID Programs. It could be one of the most important calls you ever make to your child’s school.

Call us today  – 214.349.7999 OR 817.329.2966

"As a parent, I won’t leave home without my kid’s Positive Proof ID. It was instrumental for the police search when our son wandered off at a crowded street carnival. He was found within minutes." 

Tracey Cross, Assistant Principal, Larson Elementary

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