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Robust Emergency Management

Safety iResponse Unifying Your School or Organization's Security Eco-System.

Seamlessly Integrated Visitor Management + Emergency Management

Visitor Management

Emergency Management

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Trusted By The Nation's Largest School Districts

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At Positive Proof, we understand that safety is paramount. That's why we've partnered with CrisisGo to bring you Safety iResponse, an exceptional emergency management solution that integrates seamlessly into your school or organization's security eco-system.


Optimized Operational Processes for Schools

Experience a blend of efficiency and hospitality in your school's operations, with our streamlined process for visitor management and emergency handling.

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Simple Implementation

Get up and running in as little as 5 days. Safety iResponse provides you with all the tools needed to seamlessly integrate with multiple systems and access the solution on any device.

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Active Response

Receive alerts by email or SMS, or simply download and use the app. Account for stakeholders responsibly and ensure their safety.

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Active Participation

Engage everyone in the safety plan through alerting, communication, and emergency coordination.

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Active Management

Efficiently manage the command center and drills, and escalate to first responders when necessary. Real-time communication is key to tracking the status of all stakeholders.

Why Choose Safety iResponse?

Our safety solution is the easiest way to ensure everyone is notified and to know everyone is safe in your school. 


Emergency Management

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency, Empowering School Administrators


Elevating School Safety and Efficiency

Safety is more than just sending alerts. Safety iResponse focuses on physical, mental, and cyber safety, providing you with a robust roadmap to build a culture of safety in your school or organization.

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Building Your Safety Road Map

Safety is more than just sending alerts. Safety iResponse focuses on physical, mental, and cyber safety, providing you with a robust roadmap to build a culture of safety in your school or organization.

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Safety Tools That Empower People

Safety iResponse equips your staff members with easy-to-use safety tools that empower them to recognize, prepare for, address, and review incidents at all levels.

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Safety Through Visual Communication

See how CrisisGo adapts to your needs and saves lives in real-life school emergencies.

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Safety That is Fast and Reliable

Speed and reliability are critical for safety. Safety iResponse ensures both, helping schools prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from over 400 different types of safety threats.

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Positive Proof: Your Partner in Safety

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Simplified Safety Management

Monitor all safety activities through our online console. Easily observe, track, and coordinate safety efforts and compile relevant communications for post-incident review.

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Integrated Safety Systems

CrisisGo seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, preserving investments and ensuring a unified crisis response.

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Experience Safety iResponse Today!

Contact us to schedule a demo and take the first step towards a safer future for your school or organization.

Expert Endorsements and Product Insights

Rock-solid software

You simply can’t match Positive Proof’s personalized, customer driven philosophy and support.



Assistant Superintendent for Operations
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Your Virtual Command Center: Safety iControl

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Safety iControl unifies communication from all parties, including school staff, district leaders, first responders, and more. It's accessible through any web browser, making real-time incident status and situational awareness easily shareable.

Rapid Response


Equip everyone with the ability to escalate situations and call for help discreetly while maintaining constant communication.


Role-Based Safety

Empower individuals to play their specific safety roles with digitized emergency plans and actionable checklists.


Real-Time Safety Status

Account for staff members and students in real-time and assess who needs immediate assistance.


Situational Awareness and Reporting

Proactively inform people about safety risks and report issues directly to your safety team.

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