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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of a Positive Proof ID card and who carries it?

The primary purpose of a Positive Proof Child ID card is for parents to carry in case their child becomes lost, missing or is involved in a disaster. Parents can also allow the child to carry a Positive Proof Child ID card in their backpack or wallet. In addition, it’s a terrific form of identification while traveling by car, by plane, and even at the Canadian border. And don’t forget to give extra child ID cards to grandparents, babysitters and other caregivers. We’ve had parents call with their own unique stories of how they use the ID. One mother reported that her autistic son, who could not speak and had a habit of running off, wore one around his neck. The ID’s “Special Considerations” section informed the reader that this child could not talk and gave the parents’ contact phone number. This proactive mom thanked us for providing a product that did what her child could not do for himself.

Why do you include 2 or 10 fingerprints with your ID and fingerprint card?

Fingerprints—which have a pattern unique to each individual—are a vital identifying tool for law enforcement. While fingerprints are not used to find a child, they are used to POSITIVELY IDENTIFY A CHILD WHEN NECESSARY. Although no one likes to think about it, being prepared is invaluable during a crisis. The more fingerprints, the better armed authorities can be and the more peace of mind the parents have. Positive Proof offers the only child ID card with two fingerprints (right and left hand) on the basic card. It takes more time to make the card, but parents thank us for it. And we don’t stop there. We offer a full set of fingerprints—either in hard copy or electronic form—which parents can keep for a lifetime, because fingerprints don’t change.

How does Positive Proof record fingerprints?

Our professionally trained Positive Proof team members digitally record your child’s fingerprints with the same state-of-the-art technology major airports and governmental agencies use.

Does Positive Proof keep a record of my child on file?

No. All information is confidential and returned to the parent. It is then deleted from our Positive Proof computers.

Are Positive Proof Team Members screened?

You better believe it! All Positive Proof team members must pass a criminal background check, comply with stringent interview procedures and provide superlative personal and professional references.

How do I get a Positive Proof ID for my child?

We make it easy for you! Positive Proof is an on-site child ID program at schools and day care centers. All the work is done by our professionally trained Positive Proof team. Ask the principal at your child’s school if Positive Proof is on the school calendar. If not, give us a call and we’ll contact the principal and work to arrange a Positive Proof ID date. Once a date is set, your child will bring home Positive Proof materials for your review. You simply return the completed form and payment to your child’s teacher. We do the rest! Your finished ID products will be delivered to your child’s teacher soon thereafter. Learn More about Getting Started.

Is there a cost to the school?

No. In fact, the school receives a variety of valuable security-related gifts when they offer the Positive Proof ID program. When parents purchase ID products the money is collected by Positive Proof, not the school.

How often should I update my child’s Positive Proof ID?

Because we believe in maximizing your purchase while keeping you child’s information current, we recommend purchasing new child ID cards each year.