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Positive Proof makes it easy to conduct our comprehensive child ID program on-site at schools, because we take care of all the details! There is absolutely no cost to the school, and we even offer them valuable school security gifts and photo ID badges. Call today – 817.329.2966.

The seamless 5 step process:

  1. Schedule a date: The school determines a convenient program date.

  2. Take home materials: Students receive take-home materials about the child ID program, giving parents time to decide their ordering preferences (child ID cards, fingerprint cards, digital ID cards, pictures and more). We have a price and product for everyone!

  3. ID Day: Once orders are collected, a Positive Proof ID specialist comes to your school and weighs, measures, photographs, and fingerprints all participating children with an all-digital system that is the best in the industry.

  4. ID Production: After the children are processed by our team of professionals, the information is converted into the most attractive, accurate and usable child ID product available. Our child ID card production team custom-enhances each child’s photo to ensure rich, vibrant colors and sharp, crystal clear images.

  5. ID Delivery: After completion, the students’ IDs are packaged and sorted according to teacher, making distribution a breeze for the secretary. And it’s an added bonanza for the school when the staff opens their box of security-related gifts.

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