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Advanced School Security Solutions

Innovative security solutions designed specifically for schools, focusing on safeguarding students and staff efficiently.

Compatible with Windows and MacOS

Visitor Management

Emergency Management

Visitor Management System

Trusted By The Nation's Largest School Districts

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School Safety Integration Suite

A suite of integrated tools for enhancing schools security, from visitor management to emergency management, in a seamless manner.

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Visitor Management System

School Security Labels and Passes


Labels for DYMO, Visitors, & more

Streamlined Campus Operations System

Unified systems focused on improving campus operational efficiency, ensuring a smooth and welcoming environment for all

Secure Your School Campus
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Effortless Integration 

Experience a swift and smooth implementation process, allowing your front office staff to adapt seamlessly without any hassle.

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Secure and Efficient Visitor Check-In

Efficient visitor check-in processes that enhance campus security while maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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Real-Time Campus Security Management

An integrated system providing real-time security updates, ensuring immediate access to critical safety information.

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Maintain Ongoing Visibility

Obtain real-time visibility through a comprehensive visitor dashboard, enabling continuous monitoring of individuals in your premises and their purpose of visit.

Positive Proof Visitor Management

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency, Empowering School Administrators


Emergency Management

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency, Empowering School Administrators

CrisisGo Safety iResponse

What District Personnel Are Saying

Rock-solid software

You simply can’t match Positive Proof’s personalized, customer driven philosophy and support.



Assistant Superintendent for Operations
School Readiness

Educational Security Consultation Services

Consult with our team for tailored solutions in educational security, from system implementation to ongoing support.

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Visitor Management Systems, Supplies and Tech Support:

Nisswa, MN 56468

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Track visitors, volunteers, students, automatic sex offender
check, and much more!

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