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Digital Protection for Educational Institutions

Leverage our digital solutions to create a safe educational environment, offering top-tier visitor management and emergency management products.

Compatible with Windows and MacOS

Visitor Management

Emergency Management

Visitor Management System

Trusted By The Nation's Largest School Districts

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Optimized Operational Processes for Schools

Experience a blend of efficiency and hospitality in your school's operations, with our streamlined process for visitor management and emergency handling.

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Effortless Integration and Deployment

Experience a swift and smooth implementation process, allowing your front office staff to adapt seamlessly without any hassle.

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Seamless Information Access

Enjoy easy access to the most up-to-date information, including custody instructions, through seamless integration with your Student Information System (SIS).

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Customization for Your Needs

Tailor the system to your specific requirements, creating personalized watchlists and reports, and benefiting from unlimited check-in stations to ensure a personalized and efficient experience for your school community.

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Enhanced Visitor Screening

Screen every visitor and your customized watchlist discreetly to ensure a safe and secure environment for students and staff.

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Maintain Ongoing Visibility

Obtain real-time visibility through a comprehensive visitor dashboard, enabling continuous monitoring of individuals in your premises and their purpose of visit.

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Personalize Visitor Badges

Exercise control over the information displayed on visitor badges, offering flexibility to include a photo of their driver's license or webcam image for enhanced identification and security.

Elevating School Safety and Efficiency

Our visitor management system not only enhances campus safety but also streamlines operations, effectively managing visitors and student attendance.

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Boosted Safety Measures

Identify and verify unauthorized individuals swiftly, ensuring real-time visibility, particularly during critical emergencies where accuracy is paramount.

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Operational Streamlining

Effortlessly register visitors, manage tardy student records, and eliminate manual procedures, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation for your front office.

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Hardware Freedom

Enjoy the freedom of a cloud-based solution without the need for proprietary hardware or DRM printers, simplifying implementation and reducing costs.

Empowering School Administrators

Positive Proof Visitor Management

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency, Empowering School Administrators

Positive Proof

Expert Endorsements and Product Insights

Rock-solid software

You simply can’t match Positive Proof’s personalized, customer driven philosophy and support.



Assistant Superintendent for Operations
School Readiness

Enhanced Security Awareness for Schools

Empowering School Administrators

Our system ensures discreet yet thorough visitor screening and real-time monitoring, maximizing security awareness on campus

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Tailored Access Control

Maintain a secure environment by establishing customized watchlists and visitation rules, managing any potential risks to your staff and students effectively.

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Discreet Visitor Screening

Thoroughly vet each visitor without causing any inconvenience, utilizing discreet cross-referencing and vetting mechanisms to ensure campus safety.

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Real-time Insights and Monitoring

 Stay informed with continuous real-time visibility through a comprehensive visitor dashboard, enabling you to monitor individuals and their activities seamlessly

Clipboard Method vs. Intercept 2

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Extremely Unreliable

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No Alerts

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Extremely Reliable

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Custom Alerts

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Instant Reporting

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Inefficient Reporting

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Compromised Security

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Tightened and heightened security

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