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Positive Proof - Your Trusted Partner in Campus Safety

Positive Proof is committed to ensuring the safety of schools, organizations, and their invaluable members. Since our inception in 2000, our mission has remained unwavering - to provide top-tier security solutions for a diverse array of campuses. Our drive is fueled by a deep understanding of the pivotal role safety plays in fostering a conducive environment for learning and growth.


The culmination of years of dedicated effort from our adept team of campus safety experts and visionary web-based application developers led to the creation of Intercept 2, our flagship visitor management system. A product molded by insights from law enforcement professionals, input from numerous school administrators, and the invaluable perspective of parents, Intercept 2 stands as a paragon of cutting-edge technology, fortifying school campuses nationwide.

We take pride in upholding an unparalleled standard of excellence, ensuring that each of our offerings adds substantial value while remaining effortlessly intuitive. With Positive Proof, you gain access to tools that guarantee the highest levels of accuracy, enabling you to safeguard your campus without unnecessary complications. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our dedicated technical support and customer service team, renowned for their prompt assistance and personalized attention, tailored precisely for districts like yours.

As the challenges of campus safety evolve, Positive Proof remains steadfast in our pledge to empower schools and organizations. In our pursuit of excellence, we have partnered with CrisisGO, integrating their state-of-the-art emergency management solution seamlessly into our offerings. This collaboration represents a significant leap forward in enhancing campus safety, combining the expertise of both Positive Proof and CrisisGO to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to emergency preparedness.

Positive-Proof, school visitor management system

Don't navigate the complexities of campus safety alone. Join the ranks of our thousands of satisfied customers and reach out to us today. Let our team of seasoned campus safety experts embark on a journey to fortify your campus and secure your peace of mind.

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