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Protect your Campus 

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Intercept 2 is a comprehensive, web-based visitor management system that utilizes national sex offender databases to keep your campus secure. And this is just the beginning! The system’s expansive functionality streamlines administrative efforts and puts critical data at your fingertips. All in one, easy-to-use and affordable system.

Intercept bundles everything you need with no expensive software or hardware add-ons. Streamline security and office procedures with visitor, volunteer, student, teacher, substitute and district personnel tracking. Download the PDF of Intercept’s features and benefits.


And implementing Intercept is easy! So, call today for a free demo at 888.539.3933.

Intercept 2 Visitor Management System



(District-wide discounts available)

System Includes:

  • Annual access fee for 1st 12 months (subsequent annual fee $449) 

  • Touchless 2D scanner 

  • Web cam 

  • Mini tripod 

  • DYMO® 450 Twin Turbo printer 

  • Printer labels (4 rolls, Qty. 1,200) 

  • Printer paper (4 rolls, Qty. 3,300 passes) 

  • Static-cling decals for entrances (Qty. 5) 

  • Ongoing upgrades/enhancements 

  • Remote setup assistance available

  • Unlimited phone training with our technologist

  • Technical support via phone and email 

  • Regularly scheduled calls from your account specialist to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

ID Scan

Accurate information capture

Instant Screening

Real-time sex offender database check


School-defined banned visitor lists


Visitor/volunteer photo badges + paper passes

Data Management

Instant, district and school reporting


Tardies, early dismissals, volunteer hours + more


Unlimited workstations per location

Self Service

Software designed for attendant-driven or self-service

Clipboard Method vs. Intercept 2



Extremely Unreliable

Poor handwriting and inconsistent compliance means ineffective tracking.

No Alerts

Unwanted or flagged individuals slip through the office, sometimes undetected by staff.

Inefficient Reporting

Manually creating reports taxes office personnel resources.

Compromised Security

No proactive measures against unwanted visitors.

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Extremely Reliable

Mandatory sign-ins with automatic tracking, ensuring accurate records.

Custom Alerts

All registered sex offenders and flagged persons trigger instant alerts.

Instant Reporting

Access accurate and detailed reports (visitor, volunteer, tardies, early dismissals)

Tightened and heightened security

Defend your campus, while increasing office personnel efficiencies.

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Positive-Proof, school visitor management system
What District Personnel Are Saying

"After 22 years in Law Enforcement and understanding the need to protect our schools I highly recommend the Intercept Program."

Dave Maynez, Director of Campus Safety, Yosemite Unified School District, Retired Law Enforcement Officer, 22 years  

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